Founded in 1959, Siderúrgica Alterosa S.A. is one of the major players in the ironmaking industry in the state of Minas Gerais and Brazil.

Pig iron is an iron and carbon alloy produced in blast furnaces through the reaction among iron ore, coal and limestone. It is used as a raw material for the production of steel and other iron alloys, which, for their turn, are employed in the manufacturing of products that are an integral part of people’s daily life in a varied of forms, like vehicles, machines, tools and structural elements of bridges and buildings, among a number of other applications.

Alterosa’s two pig iron plants are located in the city of Pará de Minas, mid-western Minas Gerais state, a strategic region that hosts Brazil’s second largest iron ore reserves. The main plant features a 50,000-MW/year thermoelectric power plant, which provides for the company power self-sufficiency, in addition to resulting in considerable benefits to the environment and the community at large.

The company’s’ production capacity is 288,000 tonnes/year of pig iron in different grades: nodular, special nodular, grey and steelmaking. These products are sold to the Brazilian domestic market, particularly in the south and southeast regions, and foreign customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

As the company grew, it established other affiliated companies, nowadays organized as Alterosa Group. Such affiliated companies operate in reforestation, grain production and cattle breeding.

Siderúrgica Alterosa employs around 400 direct and 1,000 indirect personnel.

Siderúrgica Alterosa's Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety Policy

Located in Pará de Minas, Brazil, Siderúrgica Alterosa produces special nodular, nodular, grey, and steelmaking pig iron and, in a joint effort by its leadership and employees, is committed to:

  • meeting its stakeholders’ and customers’ requirements;
  • complying with applicable legal and statutory requirements, as well as other requirements subscribed by the company with respect to quality, environment, and occupational health and safety;
  • protecting the environment, especially through energy sustainability and rational use of natural resources, including appropriate disposal of liquid, gas, and solid waste;
  • eliminating hazards and reducing occupational health and safety risks, while providing safe, healthy working conditions so as to prevent injuries, particularly cuts and fractures, and prevent work-related health problems, especially those related to the respiratory system;
  • consulting with and requesting participation of employees in connection with occupational health and safety issues; and
  • continuously upgrading the management system with an aim to improve the IMS performance.


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