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Alterosa Group began its activities in the energy industry in June 2009 upon the start-up of its Cogeral Thermoelectric Power Plant in a partnership with Cemig (Companhia Energética do Estado de Minas Gerais). Located in Pará de Minas, i.e. the same city where Siderúrgica Alterosa’s main industrial plant is located, the thermoelectric power plant’s design power capacity is 6,000 kW/hr. 

The power plant was approved by ANEEL (Brazil’s Electric Power Agency) and it uses gases generated during pig iron production (at an average output of 18,300 Nm³ per hour) to produce electric power through a Rankine-cycle type turbo-generator.

Part of this gas is currently reutilized in the pig iron production process. The residual gas used for power generation is burned in a boiler to produce superheated steam at 430ºC and 43 bar pressure.

The entire system contemplates the energy self-sustainability of the Group’s companies, in addition to resulting in considerable benefits to the environment and the community at large.


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